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Gavin Smith

1) You have burst onto the tournament seen with great success, to what do you attribute it?

Gavin Smith: The cards breaking even. No, I don't know. I started committing myself to tournament poker in the world series in 2004. And I think that it took me a year or so to get comfortable with my game and comfortable with my situation. Now I think that I'm playing at the level that I'm capable of playing at.

2) Do you play cash games also?

Gavin Smith: Very little cash games, not very often. I play online when I get some time but mostly just focus on live tournaments.

3) What did you think that you were going to do for a living when you were a kid?

Gavin Smith: For a while there I thought that I was going to play professional hockey, but then I realized that I was pretty shitty at it so I couldn't do that. I bounced around and never really knew. I was pretty lucky to fall into poker.

4) How did you fall into poker?

Gavin Smith: I'm not too sure. I just started playing and I liked it and I was fortunate enough to meet some friends who showed me how to play.

5) What would you be doing if you weren't playing poker professionally?

Gavin Smith: I'd still be working on golf courses back home. I used to work in the maintenance department of some golf courses back home.

6) Are there any pros out there that you have a particularly good read on?

Gavin Smith: There's people that I prefer to play against, but that's generally just any weak opponents. I think I have a pretty good read on most players. To be honest with you I'm pretty comfortable playing against whoever I play.

7) Does anyone have a good read on you?

Gavin Smith: Well my friend Bill Elder seems to have a hold over me quite often. I'm kinda hard to read because I play so many hands so I don't think anyone has too good of a read on me.

8) What's the craziest bet that you ever made outside of poker?

Gavin Smith: Casey Thompson that he couldn't jump off the roof of my car onto an auning. He kind of went down.

9) Aside from aces, do you have any favorite no-limit hold'em starting hand?

Gavin Smith: Well the first no-limit tournament I won the key hand was the 9 7 of hearts so i find myself basically never folding the 9 7 of hearts. Especially to a preflop raise.

10) You have developed quite a reputation as one of the biggest partiers on tour, is it deserved?

Gavin Smith: I guess that it's possible, but I can't confirm. I like to have fun and I go out. I probably partake in a few more beverages than I should. I have some fun. I go out with just about anybody who wants to go out.

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